Great location, great experience and therefore also a second visit

It took a 5-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur to arrive at Tanjung Leman jetty. It turned out that I was the only visitor to go to the island at that time. After a while I was picked up by Buton, for this occasion the captain of a small boat. Although most indications say that the monsoon is over in March, I could witness rather high waves, especially when compared with the small boat we were in.

The ride to the island was very bumpy and I had to keep my self firmly attached to the structure of the boat in order not to fall of my seat. Every wave that smashed against the boat created a shower of seawater in the open boat, so was completely wet. Also my suitcase and antenna box were washed with sea water. This time I had a rather good water tight suitcase but the antenna was in a carton box covered with a protection cloth (but not against water).

After 20 minutes I arrived at the island, but not in front of the Rimba resort as is normally the case, but at the Coconut Village Resort, which is on the other side of the island. This was due to the very low tide. Buton fist brought me to the jetty and then anchored the boat at the beach and had to wade through the water to the jetty. From there it would take us some 30 minutes walk across the jungle to the Rimba resort. Buton took my very heavy suitcase and I carried my own backpack and the antenna box. At the Coconut Village resort, Buton collected a wheelbarrow to carry my case through the jungle but half way the path was too steep, so he took the case on his back and went on. It was very hot and I had difficulty to catch up with him.

I had difficulty to catch up with him. During our walk we past almost all resorts on the island and finally reach Rimba resort where I was welcomed by Malcolm, the owner of the resort. Later I met Beth, Wendy, Wally and the dog, the latter being the head of the complaint department I was told.I got a chalet at a good location as they told me they had always good reception from this part of the resort. I had a few tall palm trees in front of the chalet and that was ideal for the G5RV. I asked Wally if they had a local guy who could climb such trees, and indeed they had one. It was Buton who seems to be the person that always does the 'dangerous' jobs. We gave him the center part of the dipole and quickly he climbed in top of the palm tree at a height of about 15 meters. The only problem was to get the legs of the dipole stretched horizontal to both sides. With the help of Malcolm and Buton, we managed to get one leg elevated enough by fixing it to another tall palm tree. The other leg was more difficult and resulted in a too narrow angle with the feeder but I did not want to ask Buton again to go in all these trees once more.

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Call: 9M2/PG5M
Start: 02-03-2007
End: 04-03-2007
Start: 23-03-2007
End: 25-03-2007
Island: Pulau Sibu

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