How it started

After a year of preparations by the organization committee, a group of 11 international amateur radio operators aired JW0PK from one of Europe's most wanted islands of the IOTA program, Prins Karls Forland. This story is intended to give you an impression of how we got there, how we spend our time on the island and how we got back safe again.The location

For the operation that should count for "Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands" EU063, a location was chosen on the East coast of Prins Karls Forland island, the most western island of Svalbard. The exact location to be 78° 26' 39"N and 11° 53' 37" E. To mount a DXpedition to that area was quite a challenge. Apart from arranging operators, logistics, sponsors, etc. also special permits needed to be arranged from the Governor of Svalbard.

The detailed map of Poolepynten shows the tip of the peninsula on Prins karls Forland. During our stay the whole area was covered with a thick layer of ice and snow as can be seen on the picture. Only at our camp we were able to see some soil which looked as if we were camping on a small coral reef and surrounded by a white sea. On the top picture you can see the mountains in the distance which are located on the main island of Spitsbergen.

IOTA Most Wanted List (EU)

The following information was collected from the IOTA web site ( in 200. The listings are provided for the benefit of intending DXpeditioners. They list the most wanted IOTA Groups for each continent (In this case Europe) and show for each group the proportion of members who have submitted valid cards. Note that "rare" groups, defined as those which less than 10% of members have credited, have been marked with "*". For an operation from any of these groups, validation data is required and will need to be sent to the IOTA Committee as soon as possible (Refer to Section F. 3 of the Rules). The information here reflects the position as of 28-04-2001. It will change as cards are received and submitted for credit. At any time there will be operations that have just taken place, for which cards will not yet be in circulation. This explains the reason why some groups are shown as having been worked by no members or by far fewer members than expected - given the scale of the activity.

IOTA Prefix Island Rank  
EU188 R1P Pechorskoye Sea Coast West group 0.00% *
EU063 JW Spitsbergen's Coastal Islands 3.60% *
EU-187 SV9 Crete's coastal island 3.60% *
EU-186 TA Turkey group 4.80% *
EU181 LZ Bulgaria group 4.90% *
EU185 R6A-D Krasnodarskiy Kray Black Sea Coast group 7.80% *
EU180 UR Respublika Krym Black Sea Coast group 9.30% *
EU182 UR Odes'ka Obl Black Sea Coast group 9.50% *
EU179 UR Mykolayivs'ka/Khersons'ka Obl Black Sea C 10.00%  
EU183 YO Romania group 11.60%  












Call: JW0PK
Start: 02-06-2001
End: 08-06-2001
Island: Prins Karls Forland

Call: C8G
Start: 02-06-2001
End: 08-06-2001
Island: Ibu Island

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