Sometimes you have the opportunity to visit interesting countries but unable to carry radio equipment with you. In such cases you can look for operating as a guest from a local ham his station or rent a DX-holiday shack. The latter was my option when visiting Brunei. I learned that Ambran V85SS had a chalet (Tungku Lodge) for rent, including antenna's and radio's. I contacted Ambran for the details and quickly made a booking for a couple of days in April 2008. During a previous visit to Sabah, I had my first meeting with John, 9M6XRO and knew he was keen to activate other place so I asked him if he was interested to join me for this operation. John decided quickly to join and made the necessary travel arrangements. John planned to bring his own radio equipment with him as it was easy to do on a short 1-hour air trip from Kota Kinabalu to Bruei.

I arrived from Taipei via Kota Kinabalu on April 18 with about one hour delay but Ambran and his son were still waiting for me. Together we drove to Ambran's house where I met John who arrived one day earlier. John was already on the air and was in good spirit. After I had settled and prepared my station setup, we were visited already by the local hams who were interested to meet us and having a chat. In the evening I had my first operation and it started with a good pile up on 20 meters.

The next day we had several good openings and pile ups so it was real fun. In the afternoon we were visited by Aman, V8BSD and some other local hams. Aman invited us for a high tea at a restaurant down town. It was an enjoyable occasion with lots of fine local food and spending our time on interesting discussions and exchange of information on amateur radio.

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