Through my relations I have been in contact since the mid 90's with the authorities in Sudan who are responsible for frequency management and licensing. I knew that this would be a long process but that at the end, there would come a time that we would succeed. During this period, my good friend Amin Bashir of ACCESS Trading Co.Ltd. and local representative of Yaesu gave support. He finally managed to get my license application approved with the call sign ST2X.
Although I had received already a verbal confirmation that a license would be issued, I waited until a fax of the license was sent by the National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC). This was the moment that I could start to make a fixed plan and finalize my preparations. This was the time that a news release could be distributed to the DX news bulletins to inform the amateur radio community.


From my experience during the time I was living in Sudan (1987-1991) I knew how customs were working and how things could go wrong for al kinds of reasons. Furthermore, bringing radio equipment and antenna's into the country was not common business and should be done with great care. For those reasons I decided a low profile expedition would be the best approach. Another even more important issue is that an expedition by foreigners to a country where amateur radio is just taking up should not generate negative publicity or create problems with the authorities which could have its impact on the situation of the local amateurs and their position in the community. Because amateur radio has just re-opened for foreigners I decided to go as soon as the license was on hand.One man expedition

I decided to organize a one-man radio expedition as this did not require any planning with other operators and I could respond quickly on changing circumstance and avoid delay. Moreover, I had accommodation available for myself and this was possibly not sufficient when going with more people.Limitations

he decision of a one man expedition brings a number of limitations. The main constraint is money/weight as there is a direct relation between both. Antennas should be limited in size and weight and the same was applicable for the radio equipment and furthermore it should be transportable as normal luggage on an airplane. So antennas would be simple and no amplifiers would be used. This would result in a weak signals in certain parts of the world but knowing that other operation were scheduled to take place, I thought it was justifiable to have a simple station setup. My goal was to give people a first time new one and completion of 5BWAZ or 5BDXCC would come at a second place.

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