Enjoying another nice DX location from Africa

Quite some people operated from the Senegambia hotel in Kololi, Gambia and obtaining the necessary license seemed not too difficult, based on reports of various web sites and from e-mail exchange with PA4JJ, ON4ACA and G4EDG. This was for me a good reason to pack my equipment and set off for a week in the smallest country of Africa, Gambia and combine it with a bit of West African experience.


From various web sites I got useful information on "the best" location for an operation which turned out to be Senegambia Beach hotel in Kololi, at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, the west coast of the country. Even a map of the hotel indicated that the rooms A25, D25 or C28 were best suited for a radio operation. Additionally, I was told that Mr. Ceesay was the person where I should apply for my C56-license. A young electrician trainee, Lamin, could eventually help with the fixing of the antenna's. When I had decided to go, I sent my application with supporting documents to Mr. Ceesay via e-mail. The replied promptly saying that all documentation was OK and further processing would be done after arrival. In the mean time, an other person, Mr. Yankuba Toure, was responsible for the licensing.

Just before departure

I was monitoring the offerings of a suitable holiday arrangement at the Senegambia Beach hotel from various web site and booked the journey a week before departure. At that time I send an e-mail to Mr.Ousman at the front desk of the hotel requesting to put me in room A25, D25 or C28 when possible. At the same time I also send an e-mail to Lamin to inform him about my arrival.

After arrival

After arrival at the hotel, I learned that they had booked me in room C28 with lots of space for installing my antenna's. Soon after arriving at my room (the hotel is a large complex with different building blocks), Lamin showed up and started to help me with the antenna's. The first thing we did was hanging the G5RV dipole between a palm tree and the building. The height was determined by the length of the ladder and the length of Lamin. For the vertical, Lamin fetched a branch of a tree that served as a wooden support at the balcony. The next day, assembled the ECO R7+ vertical and mounted it to the wooden support on the balcony. 

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